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Hello there, 

Welcome to my humble abode - I truly believe your home is an extension of your energy and that it should make you feel comfortable, be inspired and function for your lifestyle.

From the beginning - I've always been obsessed with interior design and decorating. Some of my favorite childhood memories would be when my best friends and I would stay up super late rearranging our bedrooms, my mom and I decorating our family home each season, and spending literally thousands of hours playing virtual design studio games. It has always been a natural instinct to put my own touch in everything I do. Navigating through my young adulthood in between renting to now being a homeowner, I've always enjoying working with the space and making the most of it.

My style - think transitional, mixed with soft minimalism and organic modern. I love mixing natural materials with modern elements, creating a soft balance of light and airy, mixed with a moody touch to create a cozy, timeless and calming space.


Now - I spend most of my days as a swimming pool & backyard designer alongside my business partner and Mom, here in beautiful St. Johns, FL. I am learning how to do more DIY projects on my own home that I share with my husband, 2 dogs and cats. I love repurposing furniture and vintage finds, and I'm always on the hunt for unique pieces with character that totally transform a space.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me! Please introduce yourself, I would love to learn more about you!

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